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Alpha Canine Companions dogs running at the kennels

Advanced Trained Dogs For Sale

Rescuing abandoned dogs and training them to advanced obedience levels and ensuring they have great manners before finding them new 'forever homes'

Trained Dogs For Sale

Companion Dogs

Alpha Canine Companions is a program that we developed to save dogs that have found themselves unwanted, displaced or abandoned. For the dogs we choose as suitable for our training and re-homing program, this has probably occurred because they are just too cheeky, over-excitable or mischievous, and as a result have been surrendered to pounds, shelters, rescue organisations, or in some cases, directly to us here at The Alpha Canine Group.

Virtually all the dogs come to us untrained. Some have been through several homes already and are simply misunderstood, or they have not been quite the right fit for their previous owners. Either way, they are in limbo! However, from this point onwards our Alpha Canine Companions go on a very different journey when compared to the general approach to re-homing dogs that have been abandoned. We take these beautiful dogs and train them in reliable obedience and good manners to an advanced standard that makes them so much easier to settle into a new family environment.

The dogs for our program are selected first for their sociability to dogs and people, and then we put a lot of work into further training and socialisation with other animals, in varying environments, and in challenging situations that are commonly encountered out in the real world.

A lot of thought has also gone into the re-homing process. The new owners are also given extensive training after choosing their dog. This includes one detailed session at Alpha's training facility, and another when their new dog is delivered to their home. The training of the owner is a very important part of the process and ensures that they fully understand how to maintain their new dog's good behaviour and to get the most from their loving personalities.

Alpha Canine Companions are suited to being loving family pets, or even as Animal-Assisted Therapy dogs. Not everybody wants to go through the puppy experience and many owners want a more mature dog to have as their family pet.

At Alpha Canine Companions we have invested a lot of time and love into these beautiful dogs and we are very proud of our service. From the feedback we have received from owners who have already taken these special dogs into their hearts and homes, we know we are on the right track.

Take the time to look around the site and if you're interested in any of the companion dogs we'd love to tell you more and arrange a time for you to meet them in person.